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crossdresser dressing

8 €

Xavier DUVET's
My feminization part 5:
The sissy slut sucks cocks

This little sissy bitch gets dressed up for a night out in the glory hole room!!! “When I was younger, I had to live with my aunt and her two daughters. She liked her daughters so much that she decided on having a third; that was me if you can believe it! She taught me the pleasures of wearing girly things and doing my own make-up…” He gets all dolled up in silky hose and stiletto high heels for a night out at the club. In the back room, the sissy will put on a little show for the guys and suck ‘em off through the glory holes! Is that cum all over your pretty painted lips and shiny shoes, sissy!?

10 black and white multi panel comic pages !
Download a full format .pdf
High definition !
FEMINIZATION part 5+6+7+8 : only 20 euros, write me,you spare 11 euros.
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