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sissy bitch tranny

8 €

My feminization part 8:
The perfect SissyBitch, she serves every wishes of her mistress
A tranny comic by xavier duvet

Anal is deeply in love with her mistress; therefore he will do anything she wants, especially once he puts his nylons and his high heels. He can't resist and love to be treated as a slut, offering his mouth, his ass as a good girl should. They are telling us here one evening with another transexual's mistress -Sophia- and another slave. And this is a hot story, believe me ! So don't miss this new comix of Xavier Duvet, you have to have it !!
10 black and white multi panel comic pages !
Download a full format .pdf !

Images are not blurred inside !
High definition

FEMINIZATION part 5+6+7+8 : only 20 euros write me,you spare 11 euros.
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