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feminized boy
feminization comic

My feminization's comics: feminized by his aunt by xavier duvet
"how to fall in love with nylons and feminin underwears"

The parents of Paul are divorcing and he has to live at aunty's home. Aunty as a bad reputation in the family, she's a lesbian... some are saying. But who cares, as long Paul can snitch in her drawers and use her fabulous underwears. And what a collection she has ! He can't resist...until he get caught by aunty. The lady doesn't seem to bother, instead of this she decides to teach the boy to be a good... girl. Images are not blurred inside !

episodes 9 to 12
40 pages in high definition !

FEMINIZATION part 9+10+11+12 : only 20 euros, write me,you spare 10 euros.
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