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sissymaid tied and punished in men's room

TransFrancisco part 4 : the sissy punishment by her mistress.
A forced fem comic by xavier duvet

It seems Brad has a crush for sissy slut Cinderella. Well, if he likes sissies so much, why not turn him into one!?! From boyfriend to bimbo! Sandra wouldn't have it any other way. Meanwhile, Cinderella gets punished for her indiscretions with Brad. Tied up and spread wide on the urinal inside the men's room at the truck stop is the perfect place to teach this little bitch a lesson. The boys get to drive their big rigs right up the sissy boy's hole and finish off with a little cream dessert on Cindy's teary face.
Oh, my goodness... she's all sticky kneeling on the bathroom floor!!!

30 €
63 pages !
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