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The Comics and Graphic novels on this website are the result of many hours of hard labor. Some stories required one or two years to be achieved and the lifetime of an artist to find their style : Comic's artist is a job , not a hobby.
All the comics here are only published with the permission of the artist and are their legal and intellectual properties and are protected by copyright's law in every country.
Downloading the comics on this website is a moral contract and means, that you agree to respect their rights (and copyrights too !). Don't break this contract , you could get sue for copyright infringement.

What says the law:

Reproducing or distributing copies of copyrighted works electronically is a felony.
A commercially motivated infringer can receive up to a five-year federal prison term and $250,000 in fines;
a noncommercial willful infringer is subject to up to a one-year prison term and $100,000 in fines.
The prison term maximum for repeat infringers is up to 10 years for commercially motivated ones and up to six years for noncommercial infringers.
Anyone who downloads even a single book for personal use is considered as a felony copyright infringer.

Authors don't need a copyright notice to maintain copyright on a piece of art or a document. At best it's a courtesy to the reader.

See Berne Convention, signed by the U.S. in 1989: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyrig...Artistic_Works

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