sissy maid curstey and is gagged by dominatrix woman

The sissy maid's education. Forced feminization comics.

Forced feminization tricks part 7 and 8 : Mistress tells us how she teaches and educates cross-dressers and sumissiv men. And for this she has a fully equipped dungeon with proper tools, frilly feminin underwears, stilettoes... Once the sissy maid is fully dressed with proper uniform, seamed nylons and high heels, it's time to start her education. The wannabe maid has to curstey and in case of wrongdoing, the stern dominatrix has to use punishment to be sure her beautiful crossdresser learns correctly the basics. Crossdressing, sissy maid and punishment comics by Xavier Duvet.
16 comics strips + 17 pages of sketches. full size pdf.
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15 €

Forced Feminization Tricks part 7+8+9 is only 20 euros if you write me to purchase.
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