Xavier Duvet's sissy crossdesser and shemale comics

Wearing nylons, tight corset , walking with high heels, sucking shemale's cock, licking cum, receiving enemas...

sissy swallowing cum, sissification comics by xavier duvet
Forced feminization part 7 and 8 : a sissy training.Jeffy has now seriously started "her" education as a woman. But of course, things are not coming easily. Anyhow he shows "herself" a good student a licking cum, walking with very high heels, receiving enemas and of course wearing nylons and tight corsets !Now it's time for the sissy to learn how to blow and swallow cum of her mistress ! 20 black and white multi panel comics pages ! Full format pdf Click download, get your code, enter it, click ok and save.

16 €
sucking shemale cock , sissification comics by xavier duvet
Forced Feminization part 7+8+9+10+11 (52 pages)
Only 30 euros if you write me to purchase. You spare 11 euros.
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