forced feminization comics by Xavier Duvet.

Lesbian and full nylon fetish comics by xavier duvet

Crazy about nylons
Who said that girls and women are not crazy about nylons, pantyhoses and stockings ? This short story will tell you how lesbian lovers handle their life around nylons.
An obedient submissiv girl addicted to nylon stockings
Women also have fantasies , and they are even more likely than men to love beautiful lingerie and nylons . But sometimes passion leads you far away from your goals. This young lady is has become the slave maid of a very stern mistress in her donjon and she tells us her story...
26 black and white comic pages ! Download a full format pdf , get your code, enter it, click ok and save.

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dominatrix turns young women into her serving maid, BDSM comics by Xavier duvet
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