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Feminization's comics part 1 and 2 , his new job as a feminized saleslady

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Crossdresser's comics based on real life sissy situations by Xavier Duvet ! All dressed up in nylons, high-heels, and short little skirts, there's more to working at the lingerie shop than sissy Jeany imagined ! Madame insists that she gets milked frequently so the customers can't see the little bulge in Jeany's pretty panties. She'll learn to lick up her mess from Madame's stockings, the floor, and drinking from a glass!!! Miss Louise turns a horny sissy boy into a totally sissified slave maid ! Madame sets the trap of total transformation and life-long girlishness! 20 pages ! full format pdf ! Images are not blurred inside ! Enter your code, click ok and save.

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FEMINIZATION part 1+2 (20 pages):
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