shemale with chastity cage is getting dressed with nylons and makes up

Antoinette serves her mistress-wife as her sissymaid.

Feminization part 26 to 31 : After several years of wedding, he confess to his wife that he loves to dress in feminin underwears... especially nylons. Now she has trained him to be her sissy slut and a maid at home and he evens gets feminized with a full breast. Being his wife's maid , is now a daily routien that starts in the morning by being fully dressed, put her make-up and... 48 pages in pdf. Download Xavier Duvet crossdressers, sissy and forced feminization comics. Click download, get your code, enter it, click ok and save.

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FEMINIZATION part 26+27+28+29+30+31 :
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Xavier Duvet's comics, slave is licking her mistress pussy.
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